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CBC Cross Country Fun Hunt at Brockville RibFest

A local child has put Brockville Ribfest on CBC's Cross Country Fun Hunt map. Drew Morin is the Fun Hunt Ambassador for Brockville and the episode airs Saturday, October 27th, at 9:30 am  (8:30am PC, 10am in Newfoundland and Labrador).

With the help of Canadian kids, teen idol Jordan Francis has uncovered Canada's "funnest" spots - and one of them is in your own backyard.

The series premiered Sept. 15, but the episode featuring Brockville airs October 27th with Drew fixing Jordan his signature sandwich – ham, cheese AND peanut butter, then they go for a fast paced paintball adventure with Drew’s family and friends, cool down with a Seadoo lesson and wrap up the day at the Brockville Ribfest tasting some of Drew’s favourites: Butterfly fries and Bloomin’ Onions.

Even though Jordan’s road trip is over, it’s not too late for children to put their hometown on the Fun Hunt map.

And even though Drew has put Brockville on the Fun Hunt map, other kids can too!
Kids who sign up their hometown on our Fun Hunt interactive map (www.funhunt.ca) by October 31st, 2012 have a chance to win an iPod Touch!

Plus they'll have a chance to be nominated to host the Fun Hunt concert featuring special guest star, Victoria Duffield.

They just have to encourage their friends to create Brockville as a destination on the Fun Hunt Map. The larger presence Brockville has on the map, the better chance it has to be nominated as a concert destination.

On December 1st, the votes will be tallied and the hometown to host the Fun Hunt Concert decided.

Viewers who catch the "secret code" hidden in each Cross Country Fun Hunt episode have a chance to win a trip to the Fun Hunt grand finale concert.

They can also check out great new exclusive music by Jordan. He wrote songs for the series, which will be available each week on iTunes, after each episode airs. (The tracks will eventually be released as a complete album).

The series allows kids to pitch hometown locations as contenders for the "most fun" spot in Canada.

At the end of the series, fans will vote on Canada's top fun spot - with the winning community receiving a special concert prize.

Jordan Francis has spent this summer at the heart of an interactive TV experiment: visiting communities across Canada, and taking part in activities, suggested by - and voted on - by under-16 youth. During the TV run, the audiences' participation will continue, with kids' asked to post more videos of their local fun spots, and entering secret codes from the TV episodes to win prizes - all at funhunt.ca<http://funhunt.ca/>. With online fan support, your community has the chance to win a grand-prize special concert that will air on the CBC in March, as well as the title of "funnest" community in Canada.

For more details on Cross Country Fun Hunt, go to funhunt.ca.

Cross Country Fun Hunt is produced by Apartment 11 Productions.

This can be a great educational experience for all kids. It's a chance for kids to share why they're so proud of where they live and for other Canadians to discover the beauty of their hometown. In addition, the Fun Hunt map is a great tool for kids to discover more about the geography of Canada and its varied cultures.

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